Garmin speaks today.

November 12th,  Sunday

Happy to say I had a three mile run late this afternoon in a brisk 46*.  So I decided to try to hook my Garmin data to this blog to tell the story.  This is a stretch for the technologically challenged.

Well, it wouldn’t upload to this blog so you are stuck with  my words.  With 6 lb of clothing on (I weighed it.) I ran 3 miles increasing speed as I went along.  Basically I ran 13:26, 12:36, 11:36—-37:46 total.  It felt good and there were no foot of lower leg issues. I have been running with my regular shoes with no orthotic inserts. Basically abandoned all confidence in Orthotics.  The only outcome I had from using these products, whether they were the hard ones from Rothman Clinic or the softer ones  from the foot clinic in Howell, was pain!   I am continuing the rehab workout that I believe has strengthened and made by lower legs and feet more flexible.

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid = 2

a.m.HR =54BPM

Weight =#154

Sleep = 9 hours

Workout = 3 miles and rehab





Chilly November 2.5

November 8th,  Wednesday

On a bitter, damp, 45-degree afternoon in early November I was able to run two and a half miles in 30 minutes on the cinder track in Freehold. Now 12 minute mile pace does not indicate a high level of fitness for me. But this is the longest and farthest I have run in many weeks. Plus it represents a full week of running with no negative outcomes. I managed to complete two and a half miles with no negative effects on my lower legs or feet That is very encouraging. I actually felt like I could have gone further and was tempted, but I am determined to make my return deliberate and avoid recurring injuries. I proceeded the run with 30 minutes of the exercise program that I did during rehab. I like the attention that this program gives to lower leg and foot strength, core strength and improved balance.

It was interesting as I was driving home I I had the sensation that I wished it was tomorrow already so that I could do another workout. That is a unique phenomenon.  I can feel the enthusiasm returning manifested by the math I do in my head while running. I am already compiling times and distances for workouts and counting days and weeks to targeted races.  When I do mental math while running the time passes much more quickly and I think I also push the pace a little in those instances. I guess that makes it a benefit for the brain as well as the body.

Stats- Stable


Steady progress

November 6th, Monday

For the last 6 days I have been running pretty steadily. Each day I have increased the time and distance covered slightly. Today I ran 23 minutes and 1 and 3/4 miles including 2 x  100 stride pickups. My feet are responding well. My short-term goal is to get to 30 minutes running and stay there until I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes.  At that point I will reevaluate and set new goals. Hopefully I can continue to add time and distance without having any negative effects on my feet. So far everything feels pretty good. I will continue to supplement my running with swimming and biking . Plus I am also continuing to use my rehab workout to strengthen my lower legs and core.

The cross-country season ended on a bit of a download at the Sectionals as the boys failed to qualify. A number of unfortunate situations led to disappointing end to a very promising season. Jackson Liberty cross-country does have a strong team returning next year.


I-Mad and I-Mid =1

a.m.HR =56BPM

Sleep =9 hours

Weight = #154

WORKOUT = 1.75 miles in 23 minutes with 2 x 100 stride pickups on grass



Killer Bees time trial

November 3rd,  Friday

Killer Bees ran a final 1600m trial today searching for a new PR.

RESULTS – All freshmen

         09/08/ 2017  –    11/03/2017

A-           7:26                  6:24          -62 seconds

B-           7:02                  5:41           -82 seconds

C-           6:52                  5:45           -67 seconds

D-           8:12                  6:35          -97 seconds

E-           7:26                  6:42          -44 seconds

Sectionals tomorrow!!!

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid = 1/2.       Still good!😊

Weight = #155

a.m.HR = 54BPM


WORKOUT –  Ran an 11:00 mile on track today and completed whole rehab program at home,  plus ice rolling and golf ball pressure.

November rolling

November 1st, Wednesday

Today I spent 3 hours at Ocean County Park chasing around the Killer Bees as they ran in a freshman/ JV meet. All Killer Bees ran a personal best today and it was a great finish to the season. We will have one final 1600m time trial on Friday on the Jackson Liberty High School track.

This marks the third day in a row that I have been running.  Both my feet feel very good. There is no soreness in my Achilles or my plantar fascia. I have been rolling with an iced plastic soda container in my newly invented rolling device that keeps the bottle from squirting around, pictured above. I also use the golf ball for more intense specific rolling. Both seem to be helping to keep my feet from experiencing any difficulties. I may have to monetize this new invention.

Cross country season ends on Saturday which means I can get back to regular swimming , cycling, weight training and running in a sustained routine. I also plan to continue the rehab workout that the physical therapist designed.  I believe that routine will help me to maintain core balance which is an essential component of staying healthy as the years fly by.

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid = 1😊😊

Sleep =10 hours  😊😊

a.m.RH = 54BPM

Weight = #154

WORKOUT =  3 hours,walking, chasing with 10 minute sustained jog

Like Starting Over♪♫♬♭

October 30th,  Monday

Senior Runner/Competitor

Feeling better, not 100%  but on right track.  Actually I jogged 10 minutes on the track with no foot soreness.   One possible positive outcome of this week-long bout with illness could be the forced opportunity to totally rest my feet.  The effect seems to be that my foot issues have resolved.  I intend to make a very deliberate return to running in the next months with interludes of biking and swimming to avoid overuse.


I-Mad and I-Mid –  1😊😊

Sleep – 7.5 hours

Weight – #154

a.m.HR – 54BPM


Week of recovery

October 26th,  Thursday

This has been a total week of resting and trying to recover from a sinus infection has knocked me for a loop. I thought I was recovering on Monday but haven’t been back to practice or out of the house since Monday night. Still having a hard time sleeping but getting a little better. I think I will recover in a few days, but it has taken its toll.

Rest days

October 22nd,  Sunday

I have been struggling with a brutal sinus infection since Thursday.  I’ve gotten no exercise at all and barely making it through the night because I can’t breathe or sleep.  Now on Sunday afternoon I’m beginning to get a little relief. Not out of the woods yet and hoping to get a good night’s sleep to rebuild my strength. I’m constantly amazed that how a sinus infection can blow up my entire body.

Good day at County Meet

October 19th, Thursday

Jackson Liberty cross country boys had a good day today at Ocean County Park at the Ocean County cross country championships. The Varsity finished fifth as a team with an average of 17:05, a new school record at Ocean County Park.

The Killer Bees finished third in the Freshman race.!!  They earned this plaque, displayed by Matt, and medals for the entire team.

Killer Bees rule!!

Pictures by Arlene


I did a solid rehab session this morning after bringing breakfast to the team and ran around Ocean County park for about 2 hours. My foot feels pretty good after all that.


County championship

October 18th, Wednesday

After practice today I went for a 5.59 mile bike ride.  I stopped halfway through the ride to run 4 times 120 yd. strides.  With my foot feeling basically painless, decided that this would be a test of some basic running on the grass. These straightaways still leave me quite breathless: an indication to me that I am not in strong aerobic shape. But my feet felt okay and I jumped back on the bike to complete the ride. Afterward I continued to treat my sore heel with rolling and golf ball pressure. As a result on Thursday  I felt minimal discomfort in the morning. This continues to be a positive development.

It was nice to be able to catch seventh-grader Ryan O’Rourke run his cross country meet down the road from Liberty High School at the middle school.  Ryan ran a respectable 33rd Place out of a total of 66 competitors.


I-Mad and I-Mid are currently at a very happy one!!

I-Mhd = 3/4. Much better

Sleep= 7 hours


WORKOUT = bike 5.59 miles with frequent 50 to 75 pump bursts, plus 4 x 120 yards strides.