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September 28, Thursday

A full day today of interesting activities… the morning began with me picking up breakfast for eight of the Liberty Chris country boys running before school. I believe these guys have finally committed themselves to be coming I’m very competitive cross-country team this year. This was our second morning practice. I think we will be having at least one a week for the remainder of the season.

Next stop was home for breakfast at 7:00 and a catch up on the day’s news from Morning Joe.  Then it was off to an hour rehab session for my feet.

Back home I had a nap, soaked up some vitamin D on the patio for a while, then set out for a six-mile bike ride around the Jackson roads.  Along the way I threw in about 8 to 10 bursts of 50 maximum pumps.  Mind you, my bike is classic one speed.

I added two times easy 150-yard strides at the five-mile mark just to test the legs.  I was pretty shocked at the toll that took on my aerobic system.  I was practically gasping for air.  Now, it was right after 5 miles of pretty serious peddling.   So, maybe I was asking a little too much of the body.

Heading for a nice evening walk with Arlene and a home cooked fish dinner.

All around a good day of retired living.

Stats –  Too busy to know or care today.  LOL

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