A surprise 5k

August 27th, Sunday

I arrived in Hillsborough this morning to work as a volunteer at Jason’s Run.  I had no intention of running the event at all. Rich Refi immediately assigned me to the position of course director.  I was to assign the student and parent volunteers to the various turning points on the course.  After I had assigned everyone to his or her position, one of the volunteers asked me how would they know when to leave the post when all the runners had passed. I hadn’t thought of that. So I decided that I would become the Caboose of the race and drive behind the runners to inform the volunteers that everyone had passed. It soon became apparent that driving was not a good idea because the final walkers were moving at about 3 miles per hour. So I wound up jogging the entire course with a few stops along the way for instruction.   But everything turned out okay and nobody got lost.  I also somehow got the job of awards announcer.  A good time was had by all.

Love you, Jason

That is the longest run with my new orthotics.   Still feeling that bruised sensation on my heel pad.  Visit Dr. Faith on Friday. I think she will have to adjust left foot pad.

2 thoughts on “A surprise 5k

  1. Thanks so much for being a wonderful Coach as well as a friend. It was wonderful to see you at the run. You had many faces on that day but as a great person that you are, just went along with all of them!
    Thanks Coach,
    Linda (Jason’s Mom)

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