Daily Archives: October 9, 2017

Doctor’s visit

October 9th,  Monday

Today I had my appointment with podiatrist Dr. Fiorelli. I explained to him my heel issues and he immediately suggested that I have a cortisone shot followed by another cortisone shot in two or three weeks. I told him Doctor Stein’s statement that she would be fired if she gave me a cortisone shot and he looked on incredulously and said this is normal  practice for plantar fasciitis. Well, I refused anyway. So he did tell me that he thought my orthotics were too hard for someone who runs distance. He provided me with a softer orthotic pad for the basic price of $45! He also ordered an x-ray of my heel. And he prescribed a topical cream that is designed to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.  I will go with this for a few weeks and continue with non-impact activities.

My heel pain in the a.m. is still a very sore 8 or 9.

Throughout the day I have been busy doing a series of leg and foot exercises that are part of my therapy routine.

Humbug!   Humbug!  Humbug!??