Daily Archives: October 8, 2017

Hard copy

October 8th,  Sunday

I started this new written log today because I find that writing is easier for me then typing. So I am speaking aloud and reading this from the page. I also want to keep a visual log of gradual increase in use of orthotics  until I become accustomed to them completely.

Part 1- Training –  just returned from the clubhouse – I spent 45 minutes in the water, 20 minutes swim.  It was tough and I was winded and did all three strokes, crawl, back and my version of breaststroke. Then 25 minutes of deep water running with five times pickup set that includes knee pumps of 75 @ 5K effort, 50 @ 800m effort and 25 @ Max effort.  Each set leaves me quite breathless – good workout.  15 minutes in hot tub Whirlpool felt good, plus some extended calf stretches to finish up.

Visit with podiatrist tomorrow for heel pain.

Heel update –  very tender, sore in a.m.

Orthotics –  Walked with them for first time in 2 weeks, to and from clubhouse. That is a total of about 600yds.




Steady Update

October  5th, 6th, 7th

Thursday –  a lot of bike riding around the Jackson Liberty campus and track during cross-country practice today. I figured it was about an hour of riding with frequent bursts.

Friday – a good rehab session in the morning.   Also made an appointment to see a podiatrist for my heel pain on Monday

Saturday  – Today I enjoyed a one hour bike ride around Turkey Swamp Park with Kristen.

Jackson boys had a respectable performance at Holmdel Park today.  They are on the verge of becoming a pretty good team. Four more weeks of good work should put them in a position to qualify out of the Central Jersey Sectionals on November 4th.

Stat are holding steady as I mark time until running becomes possible.