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and on…..????

September 28, Thursday

A full day today of interesting activities… the morning began with me picking up breakfast for eight of the Liberty Chris country boys running before school. I believe these guys have finally committed themselves to be coming I’m very competitive cross-country team this year. This was our second morning practice. I think we will be having at least one a week for the remainder of the season.

Next stop was home for breakfast at 7:00 and a catch up on the day’s news from Morning Joe.  Then it was off to an hour rehab session for my feet.

Back home I had a nap, soaked up some vitamin D on the patio for a while, then set out for a six-mile bike ride around the Jackson roads.  Along the way I threw in about 8 to 10 bursts of 50 maximum pumps.  Mind you, my bike is classic one speed.

I added two times easy 150-yard strides at the five-mile mark just to test the legs.  I was pretty shocked at the toll that took on my aerobic system.  I was practically gasping for air.  Now, it was right after 5 miles of pretty serious peddling.   So, maybe I was asking a little too much of the body.

Heading for a nice evening walk with Arlene and a home cooked fish dinner.

All around a good day of retired living.

Stats –  Too busy to know or care today.  LOL

Steady on…

September 25th and 26th

“Be the tortoise  to become the hare.”    I just made that up.

This week I only have one physical therapy session scheduled, so I am doing the routine at home daily.  I like that the routine is strengthening my hips along with the lower legs and foot core.  Still suffering with heel pad pain that is not yet explained. Orthotics have been eliminated for almost a week with little improvement. It is extremely painful  to put any pressure on the heel getting out of bed or after sitting for an extended period.

Today I rode the bike for over an hour at the Liberty xc meet.   Biking and swimming and weightless water running still work, but I remain fearful of running.  It is hard to believe how little I have run in the last four months.

Jackson Liberty boys cross-country team is now 5- 0 !

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid = 2

I-MHD = 7/8 ?

Weight = #154

Sleep = 8 hours

a.m.HR =  54BPM

WORKOUT = Physical therapy and biking


Avon days….??

 September 22nd, Friday

Last rays of sun on Avon- By-The-Sea surf

Photo by Arlene

Yesterday began with an early morning physical therapy session.

Later that evening Arlene and I spent a nostalgic time in Avon remembering our dear friends Mike and Kathy Helliwell, both now departed, with whom we had so many happy times at their house on Sylvania Avenue. Those days were filled with so much laughter it’s almost hard to believe. We walked the beach as the sun set, enjoying the lingering summer-like breeze and talked about our wonderful memories…those were the days …



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Good work day

September 21, Thursday

More water work today….

45 minutes in the water with 23 minutes swimming laps and 22 minures running in the deep end, including 6 x the 75- 50- 25 stride set.  That is 75 pumps at 5K effort; 50 pumps at 800m effort and 25 pumps at 100% effort.  It is a pretty exhausting workout.

Walk, lift, ride

September 18,19th, 20th – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday – I did a lot of walking around today not much else.

Tuesday –  back in Jackson today I’ve spent 45 minutes in the fitness room lifting and biking. I  had planned to swim for 20 minutes after,  but unfortunately the pool never opened.

Wednesday -a.m. PT.     Then I road for 35 minutes around Jackson this afternoon with very tight and sore legs. I was able to push through, but every incline was a tough go.


Generally stable amid a period of weak commitment to stats lately.  Still not running while trying to acclimate to orthotics.

Nice swim

September 17th,  Sunday

Took the opportunity this morning to enjoy a long,  steady, solitary swim in the beautiful Warwick condominium pool on the final day of the summer session.  Being the lonely swimmer in that expansive pool only feet from the Atlantic City boardwalk is always an exhilarating  experience.  I was motivated to push myself non-stop for 40 minutes. That is the longest swim I have completed in many months.  Will sleep well tonight!

Stats are solid today.


Biking the boards

September 16th,  Saturday

Friday – After a good rehab session this morning, I spent most of the afternoon walking around Ocean County Park and watching our cross-country team compete.

Saturday –  On this delightful late summer evening  I rode 5 miles on the Atlantic City boardwalk amid a warm ocean breeze. I was pleasantly surprised that the bike I had not used in probably 2 years was still serviceable. The boardwalk was swarming with people to the north by the casinos.  So I had to turn around and ride south to the end of the boardwalk in Margate. I’m planning to have a swim in the Warwick pool tomorrow for the first time in a while.  Apparently it is the final day that the pool will be open this season.


I-Mad = 3:  ( Index of Morning Achilles Discomfort)

I-Mid =2 (Index of Morning InStep Discomfort)

I-Mhd =  4/5 ( Index of Morning Heel Discomfort)

a.m.HR =54BPM

Weight= #154

Sleep = 11 hours ??

Workout = 5 miles biking on AC boardwalk and rehab





Pool time and sabbatical

September 14th, Thursday

Forty minutes of work in the pool this evening swimming and running.

A quick story of how confusing and frustrating my issues are with my feet these days…………. Yesterday at cross country practice I jogged about 800m while I was timing some of the repeats for my small group of Killer B’s.  While jogging I was pleasantly surprised that I had no discomfort in my feet thinking, ” I may be getting adjusted and acclimated to these new orthotics.”  Then I wake up this morning with a great deal of discomfort and pain in both of my feet. So then I say to myself, ” Screw these freaking orthotics . They are no damn good. All they do is hurt my feet and I’m never going to wear them again.”  Then I decide to put on my other pair of running shoes and realize that the orthotics are in fact in them. So yesterday I was not running with orthotics in my trainers, which means that they were not responsible for the soreness in my feet this morning after all.

The upshot of all this is that I now know nothing, except maybe that running hurts my feet these days and I have no effective response.

I feel like my feet are a total mess  I have not experienced this much foot discomfort at any time  since I started running 5 years ago . So my latest plan, devised a few hours ago, is to swim and ride by bike for the foreseeable future and wear the orthotics while walking for a few hours a day.  I should be able to access over time whether the orthotics are harming or helping my feet. At the same time I can give my nagging plantar fascia and annoying Achilles tendon time to heal completely. Swimming, biking, water running and weightlifting should keep me fit during this temporary running sabbatical.

Stats –

I-Mad = 5?

.  I-Mid = 7/8. This is on the heel pad not the instep.?

WEIGHT = #154


a.m.HR = 54BPM

Workout = 40 minutes swimming and running in the pool ?

Holiday-Reboot- Update

September 12th, Tuesday

Back at rehab this morning after a total 4 day foot vacation. I believe the rest had the desired effect because my feet are feeling much  less abused at this time. I am back to wearing orthotics and ready to do a run tomorrow.

Stats- Thankfully, stats are remaining stable through this period of stormy waters.

On the coaching front the Jackson Liberty boys won her first tri-meet today beating Lacey Township and Lakewood. Neither one was a strong team, and our performance shows we still need a lot of work. But two wins to start the season: can’t be better than that!  Most positive sign was top five within 46 seconds. And five of the top seven are underclassmen.

Brief pause

September 8th,  Friday

Still feeling lots of discomfort in both feet today.  Very confused!    A plethora of variables is impacting my lower legs: orthotics; daily foot and ankle exercises; fledgling running, swimming, biking, elliptical efforts;  constant  stretching; heating and icing, whirlpool.   It seems like much-a-do with no noticeable positive impact. So I am taking a brief pause to allow my feet to relax and acclimate to all of this stimuli.  My plan is to wear only my well-padded sandals between now and next Tuesday morning when I have a physical therapy session scheduled.  A total vacation from stimuli  for my feet.    ( No heat or ice, no stretch, no exercises,  no run, no bike treadmill elliptical, no swim, no whirlpool, no orthotics)

On the positive side the Liberty boys cross-country team is looking a lot better this year. We have about 18 guys on the team and the varsity seems to have a solid six or eight runners. I think we can be very competitive. I have been enjoying my assignment coaching the Killer B’s.  That is my name for the sub Varsity group that I have been working with for the last week. I have some degree of autonomy with these guys concerning workouts and they seem to be responding pretty well.

Don’t know how much I will be posting in the next 3 days because I will not have any workouts to report and do not want to continue simply whining. If I think of anything interesting to share I will definitely post.  In the meantime have a good weekend everybody!