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Back on the bike

August 31st, Thursday


It has been a while: I am jot sure why.  But today after a solid early morning physical therapy session I rode 40 minutes on the bike 7.1 miles.  Must sleep now as a.m.  starts with an early visit with Dr. Faith at Rothman Institute for orthotics evaluation.

Enjoying the boardwalk in Avon

August 30,  Wednesday

On this very comfortable August evening Arlene and I went to Avon boardwalk. We walked and enjoyed the ocean breeze.  I added a 20 minute easy run covering 1.76 miles.  The discomfort report is guardedly optimistic.  Afterwards  we shared a very tasty Mahi Mahi dinner.

Arlene snapped this picture while I was running.


Stats are stable.,

A surprise 5k

August 27th, Sunday

I arrived in Hillsborough this morning to work as a volunteer at Jason’s Run.  I had no intention of running the event at all. Rich Refi immediately assigned me to the position of course director.  I was to assign the student and parent volunteers to the various turning points on the course.  After I had assigned everyone to his or her position, one of the volunteers asked me how would they know when to leave the post when all the runners had passed. I hadn’t thought of that. So I decided that I would become the Caboose of the race and drive behind the runners to inform the volunteers that everyone had passed. It soon became apparent that driving was not a good idea because the final walkers were moving at about 3 miles per hour. So I wound up jogging the entire course with a few stops along the way for instruction.   But everything turned out okay and nobody got lost.  I also somehow got the job of awards announcer.  A good time was had by all.

Love you, Jason

That is the longest run with my new orthotics.   Still feeling that bruised sensation on my heel pad.  Visit Dr. Faith on Friday. I think she will have to adjust left foot pad.

Cinder fella’

August 25,  Friday

  I am a ‘happy me’ on the cinders .

After an early morning PT session and a good breakfast, I went out to the cinder track for the first time in many weeks. I only ran a mile and a half, but that is a longest run that I have made in some time. Everything feels fine while I’m running: now I have to wait for the after effects which usually come by evening.

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid  = 3/4. Stretching before I set my feet on the floor reduces that number to about a 2.

a.m.HR = 55BPM

Weight = #154

Sleep = 6.5 hours


Keeping on

August 23rd, Wednesday

Breathing, coaching, rehabing and trying not to whine

Last night I attended a 2-mile meet at Raritan high school with the Jackson Liberty cross country boys. We had 15 competitors and many positive results. It looks like our top five can become a strong cross country team in the next few months if they continue to work hard.

During the meet I jogged one complete mile and spent the rest of the night running back and forth across the field from the start to the 200 meter mark. It was probably the most work I’ve done with Orthotics on. Afterwards my left foot got that bruised feeling again on the heel. After PT this morning it seems a little better. So I’m trying to figure out what that is all about.  Today will be a non-impact day. Biking and swimming are on the agenda.

Jason’s Run is scheduled for this Sunday, the 27th, in Hillsborough . It is pretty clear that I am not ready to run 3.1 miles at this time. My original plan was to keep training through the summer after my races in Alabama and run a quick time at Jason’s Run.  That idea has evaporated because of nagging injuries and a dramatic lack of training this summer. Humbug!


Stats are all pretty stable right now.

Mixed progress ? ?

August 21, Monday

After 3 days of modest runs (10 minute segments) wearing my new orthotics,  there are mixed results.  I have experienced no discomfort or pain in my right Achilles tendon. That would be a dramatically  positive  result. But the response from my left plantar fascia  has been less than positive.   After my workout  last night I had a feeling like a bruise on my left instep. It has lessened this morning and was not terribly sensitive during physical therapy today when my therapist massaged the area.  As I rest on the couch right now, both of my feet are experiencing mild burning sensations. It must be that I am still becoming accustomed to the pressure from the orthotics on my feet.  I think a few minutes of stretching will help.

Sunday’s workout @ clubhouse –  10 bike, 10 elliptical, 10 run on treadmill,  10 water run + wright’s

Stats –

I-Mad = 2

I-Mid = 5 ?

a.m.HR =54BPM

Weight = #153

Sleep = 6 hours.   Need a nap!  I have not yet totally adjusted my night-time schedule to the fact that I am waking up earlier for rehab appointments at 8 a.m. The result is I’m getting more like 6 hours sleep per night then my usual 9 or 10 for the last 3 weeks.

Baby steps

August 18th,  Friday

“Journey of a thousand li starts beneath one’s feet.”    Lao-zi

Yesterday,  after a later day PT session and a discussion with my therapist, I ran for five minutes.  The results were positive with no discomfort at all during the five minutes of running. There are a number of factors and forces involved in this result. First is the fact that I have not run for over a month engaging in only non-footstriking activities. Second, I’ve been doing some serious therapy for 3 weeks focusing mainly on lower leg and foot strengthening and flexibility exercises.  Third, I am now wearing my new orthotics full-time. During the running the orthotics were prominent in my consciousness. I would not say they were hurting my feet but noticeably impacting each strike.  So at an early morning PT session today the analysis of my Achilles tendon discomfort was also positive. Rebecca does a deep massage of the tendon after each session, and it is usually quite painful. This morning it was decidedly less painful than usual. These are all positive signs that I’m making progress. ? The plan is to incorporate 5 minutes of running into each training session over the next week and monitor the effects.

I have also been trying to focus on getting this blog back on track. These weeks of not running and the lack of any  short-term goal  for my training have made it less exciting and interesting for me to blog.  I have grown quite bored of writing about my injuries as I’m sure my faithful followers have.  I pledge to you and myself to be more consistent and more interesting going forward.

Back to work

August 15th and 16th

Tuesday and Wednesday


The last two days have seen a return to some good work at the weight room and pool.  Tuesday I even added 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. Other work with weights, bike, swimming and water running.

Orthotics continue to feel ok, up to about 5 hours a day now.  Completed 15 minutes on the elliptical yesterday with no discomfort during exercise.  But Achilles tendon still is tender to the touch.  No less tender after 6 weeks of no running.  Quite disappointing.  But I can swim and bike and lift and pump in the pool.

Continuing physical therapy 3 times a week.

Cross-country practice at Liberty is going pretty well.  The boys all say they are keeping up with their logs.

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid = 4

Sleep = good

Weight = stable

a.m.HR = 54BPM


Orthotics day

August 11, Friday

Now I am sitting in the office waiting room of the Rothman Institute in Manahawkin. Today I am picking up my Orthopedics that have been designed for my feet my Dr. Schick (Faith). Doctor Faith  is very confident that they will prevent reoccurrence  of my nagging foot injuries, both Achilles tendonitis and plantar  fasciitis.  After 2 weeks of therapy I’m beginning to see some improvement did both of these items. I am tempted to run a little bit at Ocean County Park tomorrow during cross-country practice.  But I should stay true to my pledge to resist running until my Achilles tendon is totally pain free.

I will update and finish this post after I am fitted with my new Orthotics.

I am now walking with my new Orthotics. Doc says I should only wear for one hour for the first day and had an hour everyday for a week. I am pleasantly surprised that they are not hard and rough on my feet. They are comfortable and seem to be very supportive. The InStep on the right is higher than on the left which the doctor says is to balance my foot strike. I was not aware that I needed to be balanced, but we will see how that works. She said if the InStep is too high it can be adjusted. I have an appointment to return in three weeks for an evaluation. So, continuing the physical therapy, getting used to orthotics  and trying to stay somewhat fit in the pool, I will give to the end of August for this to play out.