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Thoughts on orthotics for runners?

June 26th, Monday  & 27th, Tuesday

Is it time to try Orthotics?

Monday we spent at Holmdel Park where I walked about three miles.  I thought walking would be a wiser choice than running because my InStep and Achilles tendon  were feeling kind of sore. As it turned out there was not any soreness while I was walking, but later in the evening particularly my tendon tightened up considerably and was aching quite a bit.

So, on Tuesday I opted for a non-impact workout in the pool.  I swam for 20 minutes and ran for 20 minutes in the deep water. I concluded my visit with 20 minutes in the hot whirlpool with particular attention to my Achilles tendon and sore foot.? .

I violated my pledge to refrain from running until my feet were totally free of issues.  Now I have to reboot. Get a grip, O’Rourke!

Do any of my readers have positive or negative experiences with Orthotics?

I am considering an offer by my foot doctor from Rothman Institute to develop a pair of orthotics for my feet. She claims that her creations will totally relieve all my foot problems. Two years ago I declined the offer because she told me my insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. She suggested it again in May but recommended that I wait until after my races because it takes a few weeks to get adjusted to the new Orthotics.  It may be time to try out her suggestion. I am not very confident based upon the experiences of athletes that I have coached.

Stats – Stable

Return to cinders

June 24th,  Saturday

“Mad Dogs and Englishmen (and I) go out in the midday Sun.”

‘Jonesing’ for an opportunity to get back on the track, I headed out today despite the heat for the cinders in the noon hour. It was 86* and a cloudless sky as I set out to test my legs. I ran a very comfortable 3 miles in 34 minutes. The right Achilles tendon would whine just a little every time I tried to increase my pace to better than 12 minutes.

Stats –

I-Mad = 2/3. IMPROVING

I- MID = 1/2. BETTER

SLEEP = 11 hours. ??

a.m.HR = 54 BPM  STEADY


Workout = 3 miles in 34:00. HOT!


Hot Biking

June 22, Thursday

Got out on the bike for the first time  in a while today for a 7 mile ride on Jackson roads.  It was defiantly hot, but  not too hot to get it done.  One more day of not running might get my foot pain to zero.  My I-MAD  and I-Mid have been declining steadily over the past few days with the aid of anti-inflammatory pills and rest.  I think a day of fitness room work and pool activity is in order.  Maybe get to the cinders on Saturday.

Stable stats….


June 21st, Wednesday. .. Summer!

Surprisingly tired today.  Dressed and packed for a workout at the fitness center, then fell asleep. I guess I needed the rest.

Stats –

I-Mad – 3

I-Mid – 2/3

SLEEP – 8 hours. Obviously not enough.

a.m.HR – 54BPM

Weight – #151

Workout – Nothing

Cross X training day

June 20th,  Tuesday

How fast is too fast???

A day after my first easy run my muscles are fine, but left arch and right Achilles continue to complain.  So I began taking my anti-inflammatory pills again today. I have a month’s worth of the prescription left.  I plan to refrain from running again until my feet are pain-free. And I think the anti-inflammatory pills will help speed up that eventuality.  On reflection I have concluded that stopping these pills immediately after my races was not the best idea. It was probably a foregone conclusion that three maximum efforts would inflame the areas of chronic weakness.

So, I went to the clubhouse and rode the bike for 10 minutes, lifted weights for 20 minutes and spent 40 minutes in the pool running and swimming. Then I sat in the hot whirlpool for half hour to top off this lovely summer afternoon. The whole effort was pleasantly exhausting.

Stats –

I-Mad =4/5?

I- Mid  =3/4?

Sleep = 9 hours

a.m.HR = 54BPM

Weight =#150

Workout = 70 minutes cross training?




Reset, Restart

June 19, Monday

After a full week of rest following three races at the Nationals, I had my first run today of two and a half easy miles with a few pickups at the cinder track.  I have concluded that my three all out races in spikes resulted in some irritation to my right Achilles tendon. The tendon was sore all week and was irritated today when I ran. I guess I will have to nurse my I-MAD back to zero by cross-training on the bike and in the swimming pool for the next few weeks. A small price to pay….!

My next competition will be a 5K at Jason’s Memorial Run in Hillsborough on August 27th.  No rush…

Stats –  Slacking.   Weight is #148 –  Lots of sleep this week – Feet achy in a.m.


Down week

June 12th, 13th, 14th

A little hardware ..??

Now, happily, home recovering slowly from three tough racees, two days of air travel and four nights sleeping in a strange bed in a hilly neighborhood.  I have taken a few laps in the pool and a few hot whirlpools the last days. I have ceased taking the anti-inflamatory tablets that I was prescribed by the Rothman Institute and have taken daily for the last five weeks.  I believe that the pills allowed me to maintain a relatively consistent high level of training as Nationals approaced.  The effect of my races and stopping the pills have combined to ressurect some of the aches in my lower legs and feet.  I plan to stay off my feet for at least a week.

No stats today…