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Biking day

October 30th ,  Sunday

11.5 miles on my 1 speed bike in 1 hour  (5:24 per mile)

It was a rather easy hour.  I am surprised by the ease with which my legs recovered from each time I inserted a 50 to 100 pump surge, mostly as I approached each uphill segment of the road.  There must have been 15+ bursts in all.  I continue to believe that I am maintaining a reasonable  amount of  fitness.  The question remains if non-running work (biking and swimming), no matter how intense, transfers to running performance.


I-Mad – 2

Weight 153#

SLEEP – 8 hours

a.m.HR – 54

Workout –  Biking 1 hour with 15 x 50 to 100 pump bursts


October 28th ,  Friday  2:00p.m



Energized by recent articles provided to me by my good friend, Rich Refi,  I was up early this morning with High Spirits.   I pounded out 75 minutes of good work  in a number of categories.  I ran 20 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 25 minutes of upper body and core work, followed by 20 minutes on the bike doing 30-20-10 segments and 10 minutes swimming aggressively in the pool. I am satisfied with the progress of my Achilles tendon injury but still moving with deliberate speed.

Stats –

I-Mad =1.5

Weight – 154#

Sleep – 8 hours

a.m.HR- 55BPM

Workout – 75 minutes as above

Vigorous exercise!

A body in motion…..? ⛷ ? ? ? ⛹

The first article  listed above offers documentation of the  educational benefits of physical exercise before school for students.

The second cites studies proving the  mental health benefits of exercise for seniors.

Combined these studies emphasize the importance of physical activity to maintain both physical and mental health throughout the life cycle. Study after study have proven the positive effects of consistent, vigorous, physical exercise on sustaining and improving the mental health of seniors. Actual physical enhancement of key brain centers can be observed in the studies.   Intellectual functioning as well as emotional stability and well-being are strengthened  by a balanced, sustained program of aerobic training and resistance training.

So get the body in motion and keep it in motion!



Still working

October 24th & 25th


No workout.     Achilles tendon was not bad after Sunday’s 2 mile effort at Holmdel.                                                                                                 Good xc workout for Liberty boys today.


 Managed to fit in 60 minutes of work at the clubhouse.
Weights- 10.    Core- 15.    Tredmill- 10.    Elyptical- 10.   Swim 15.


Working on it…..

October 22nd and 23rd

“Get out ‘my life why don’cha”  Classic Vanilla Fudge

Saturday – A good 70 minute workout today.   I completed 20 minutes of work on arms and core.  I have added weight on every exercise.  Getting stronger!  Clocked a 20 minute swim + 30 minutes of water running with 7 sets of the  3 level surge drill. This sequence seems to work my whole body quite intensely.

Sunday – Went to Holmdel today with Arlene . While she took some photos I walked and jogged the loop around the start field 4 times, which is about 2 miles. I walked up the hillside and downhill on the opposite side.  After two laps my Achilles stopped hurting me for the first time in a very long time. This situation has occurred before and it’s not uncommon.  Achilles tendon soreness, as one runs and gets warm,  tends to abate if it is not a serious injury.   The trick is to do no further harm during the period of no pain. Today I managed to continue running very slow with short strides during my jog segment.  I stopped before any pain began to recur, and hope that I have not done any harm for the day. Tomorrow will tell the tale when I wake up in the morning if I have done any additional damage to the area.

a.m. update, Monday-   I- Mad= 2/3. Not too bad



I-Mad – 1/2

Sleep- 7 hours

Workout – Above, 70 minutes

a.m.HR – 54BPM

WEIGHT – 155#



Work on a warm day

October 18th,  Tuesday

84* on the canal, and solid work effort

After a summer-like Autumn afternoon along the Delaware Canal with Arl, I spent 75 minutes at the fitness center lifting , swimming  and water running. 20 weights and core  + 20 swim                                                                                         +35 run  with 6 x (60- 40- 25) @ 5k effort – 800m effort  – 95% effort            

That water run exercise with the 3-part surges is very demanding aerobically, and seems to leave me pretty tired each time I try it.   I hope it is helping me to retain my aerobic base while my Achilles tendon is healing.    

Stats –

I-Mad – 2.5

amHR – 54BPM

Sleep  – 8.5 hours

Weight  – 154#

Workout  – 70 minutes in motion

Busy, pleasant Sunday

October 16th

Pleasant Sunday; Boardwalking with my love,  Biking in the neighborhood, Making nutritious home-made chicken soup and Giants win!

Arlene and I enjoyed a one hour visit to the Avon boardwalk early this afternoon on a strikingly beautiful October day.   Blue skies, 75* and a soft Ocean Breeze.

Returned home to start the soup and set out on a 7 mile, high intensity bike ride around the Jackson neighborhood. 5:15 pace

Put together and devoured an early evening, Spanish style omelette of eggs, sausage, peppers and onions. Yum!  We got that idea from Kristen after she returned from her exchange student visit to Spain a number of years ago

Then I put on my DVR of the New York Giants game. To my delight they pulled it out and brought this season to 3 & 3.

Sent my top 10 boys and girls cross country lists to Pat and made my chess moves.

I am a lucky and a thankful guy.

Stats –

I-Mad – 2

AmHR – 154

Sleep – 9 hours

Weight – 155#

Workout- walk and bike. No AT pain walking.


Solid 70

October 13, Thursday

After a day off,  I felt very strong for a 70 minute workout at the fitness center.  I began with 20 minutes working arms and core. I continued with 50 minutes in the pool, my longest pool sessions so far.   I swam for 15 minutes. Then I ran for 30 minutes including 7 x  (30- 20-10) pickup sets.  I wanted to finish with 15 more minutes of swimming, but I was too exhausted and only able to do 5 additional minutes.  Then 10 minutes in the whirlpool. I will sleep well tonight!

  My AT is better each day.  I could probably run on it right now, but it would require lots of attention each time to maintain. Since I am pretty happy with the work I have been doing  (swimming, biking and lifting) during this base building period of my training,  I choose not to begin running until my Achilles is completely healed.

And since my stats have been consistent, I am not worried.

Catching up

October 8th,  9th, 10th, 11th


Saturday – Good 30 minute swim.   Sore AT.   Now thinking that concentric exercises have further aggravated Achilles tendon. . So have  stopped.  I feel like I like the effect it is having on my calf muscles but I will have to continue after my achilles tendon has healed completely.
Sunday  – No workout  I-Mad – 3
Monday – No workout.   I-Mad = 3
Tuesday – Achilles tendon getting  better.  I-MAD  = 2
                          70 minutes in motion.  20 on bike,  20 core and arms,                               30 in pool swim and run

Stats – Stable