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August 31th, WEDNESDAY, 7:00p.m.

20 minutes on bike

plus 20 minutes core work

plus 20 minutes swimming in the pool

and 15 minutes in a hot whirlpool

That’s all.

Stats –

I-Mad – 1

a.m. HR – 54 BPM

Weight – 153#

SLEEP – 7 hours

Workout – above

Not Much

August 30, Tuesday,  11:00 p.m.



One of the great all time Rhymes in music history….

“I’m biding my time, because that’s the kind of guy I’m

Ran about 3 miles at Lake CARASALJO tonight during practice with the Liberty boys cross-country team.  (You will have to look up the history of Lakewood, New Jersey to get the full story on Lake CARASALJO.)  Keeping a low training profile for the next 9 days approaching  the New Jersey Senior Games.  My legs are still a little heavy and tight from Sunday’s 5K performance.  Need to get to the Cinders tomorrow for some more serious work.

Stats – Stable

Nice Recovery Day

August 29th,  Monday,  11:00 p.m

A perfect 90 minute treat

After a good night’s sleep of 10 hours and a lazy morning I headed for the clubhouse to get in a comfortable recovery.  I didn’t have much in mind, only to break a sweat. Things worked out better than expected.  I began with 20 minutes in the weight room doing upper body and core work.  I felt very comfortable: so I got on the treadmill for what I anticipated would be a 10 or 15 minute walk.  I felt so good walking that I pumped the speed and started to jog.  Turned out to be a 30 minute episode which was very nice.  I had now broken a serious sweat. I then headed to the pool which was totally beautiful. The water was  very comfortable and the pool was empty: so I swam nonstop for 20 minutes in luxury.  I finished with 15 minutes in the hot whirlpool to pamper my legs.  Just an extraordinarily pleasant 70 minutes!     I am a thankful and a lucky guy.

Stats –

I-Mad – 1

a.m.HR – 55 BPM


Weight – 153#

Workout – 90 minutes  of happy recovery – lift, jog, swim


5K Goals Met

August 28th, Sunday,  2:00p.m







I ran a very controlled 5K today in 29 minutes today.  I finished with no lag issues.  So, all of my pre-race goals were accomplished.  I was questioning my aerobic strength throughout the run and the 3rd mile was particularly difficult. So, what did I learn? I learned that my legs are pretty strong, and I’m pretty sure I could have run lot faster.  I could surged at will but continually chickened out because of difficulty breathing.  I need a lot of work to achieve the level of aerobic strength that I attend in the early spring when I ran 15:46 for 5 K.  I have known all along that weight lifting and swimming were not going to do that trick.   I’ve been reluctant to attempt longer runs for fear that my legs would break down. I can also use the extremely hot and humid weather has another excuse. But that must change has the cooler weather arrives. There remains one goal 2 weeks from today. That is to qualify for the National Senior Games. After that I can begin a serious training program without fear of losing out because of injury. The finals are in June of 2017. I can train with the Liberty boys in the fall in st. Augustine during the winter and in Atlantic City and Jackson in the spring. I will select some 5K races 2 monitor Fitness levels. My goal is to break 6 minutes for 1500 meters Nationals. I can hardly wait.

Visiting Hillsboro this morning everyone was very warm and welcoming.  Linda and Ernie Walton are always most gracious and grateful when we meet. Linda and I I actually shared a moment of tears as we both thought about Robby Andrew’s performance at the Olympic trials and in Rio, and what might have been with Jason.  Catching up with former runners their parents and Coach friends it was all so delightful. The event, the people, and the Run, plus breakfast with Coach Rich Refi made for a very enjoyable morning.

5k in a.m.!

August 27th, Saturday , 11:00 p.m.



A little nervous as per usual on the day before a race even though it’s a race I am not putting any pressure on myself to perform to any expectations. Just hoping to get to the Finish Line with no lag issues. Also hoping to fall asleep quite quickly even though I’m not feeling very sleepy.

Hanging on

August 25th, Thursday, 6:00 p.m.


August 26th, Friday, 9:00p.m

Kind of in a conundrum right now.  Not sure what’s going on with my body.  I have been having lots of aches throughout my shoulders and back.  My calves are feeling a little sketchy.  And my quadriceps are just totally sore. They are sore to movement, sore to the touch, and especially tender on the outside along the side of my leg.  This is something I’ve never experienced.  So, I have these two races coming up in the next couple of weeks.  One is on Sunday at Hillsborough. That is a 5k which is just out of respect for Jason and his family, but I would like to have a reasonable performance.  The second is two weeks later at which I would like to qualify for the senior Nationals.  And why do I want to qualify for the senior Nationals?  To my mind it gives me a goal to train for in the next 9 months and a reason to take a road trip to Alabama in June.  So I have to get through this 5K on Sunday and then be sure I  am fit and uninjured to run the New Jersey Senior Games in two weeks.  In this quest, and out of an abundance of caution, I have decided to simply rest for 3 days prior to Sunday’s 5K.  I am not very happy with the idea of taking 3 days off, but the unusual soreness and my quadriceps has led me to this decision.  I have been heating and massaging quadriceps for the last 2 days and the soreness is decreasing but still present. I have tomorrow to continue to deal I guess.  Then we will see what happens on Sunday and make plans going forward.



Stats –

I-Mad – 0 ?

A.m.HR – 54BPM ☺

Sleep –  7.5 hours?

Weight – 153# ?

Workout –  00000000000000 for 2 days!!!!!!!?



Easy, Peasey

August 23rd, Tuesday,  10:00 p.m.

This evening I spent 40 minutes in motion, walking and jogging,  while I watched the Liberty cross country boys run 10 x 400 meters uphill at Pine Park in Lakewood. Legs heavy!  Need to rest for 5k on Sunday.

Stats –

I-Mad –  0
A.m.HR – 54BPM
Weight –  152#
Sleep – 8 hours
Workout – 40 minutes,  walk and jog

84* 5 miler

August 22nd, Monday,  5:00 p.m.

On a shady back road in Jackson

“Manifesting enhanced fluidity”   This is a pretty cool phrase that I dreamed up today while running and trying to work on improving my vocabulary used for describing good running.  It in no way describes how I ran my 5 miler today.  I was going to save it for the title of a future post, but I decided that I would probably forget it if I didn’t write it down today.  In an article that I read when I first started posting by a fellow who had been posting for 10 years, one of the suggestions he made was to aways say what you’re thinking right away, don’t save it, because you will probably never use it.  Anyhow, this phrase came to mind today about three and a half miles into the run.  I had convinced myself that I needed to do a long aerobic run because my recent training has been lacking that particular type of workout.  So I set as a goal to run a 4 mile Loop without any stopping.  That sounds pretty modest by standards of three months ago before I was injured, but I had done little of that kind of work since I restarted training July 1st. The beginning of the run was very uncomfortable, and I struggled with myself throughout to keep from actually stopping. I was just determined to complete the format without stopping even if I had to run    12:00+ miles. So I struggled on. As I turned a corner to start up a long gradual one mile hill just past the 3-mile mark, everything changed. All the aches disappeared, my breathing became more relaxed and steady, and I begin to “manifest enhanced fluidity.” LOL   at that point I decided to make my 4 miler a 5 miler. The enhanced fluidity did not manifest itself for very long.  But I was determined to prove to myself that I was mentally tough enough to survive a struggle laden 5 miles.  So, I finished the 5 feeling the most fatigued and drained as a result of any workout since I started running again.  I hope this was not a Pyrrhic victory.  (You can look that up.)

Stats –

I-Mad – 0

A.m.HR – 50BPM  – Low

Sleep – 8.5 hours

Weight – 150#  after run    Down 6# in 4 days,   Mega veggies!

Workout – 5 exhausting miles  in 59:39



1500m strategy

August 22nd,  Monday


Watch Peter Snell in 1964 1500 meter final blow the field away. This reminds me of exactly how Centrowitz did it Saturday night. I read Arthur lydiard’s article every year on how he trained Peter Snell to win in 1964. If you can get to 300 meters without fatigue, the fastest runner in the race be the winner. Matt controlled the race until the final lap, and he was the fastest man out there. Brilliant strategy!

Watch Matt;      An authentic American running  hero!