Forward looking….

December 14, Thursday

Last night I spent an hour at the clubhouse. I rode the bike for 10 minutes. I worked for 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. Then ran for 20 minutes in the pool. Throughout I spent 15 minutes working on my upper body and core. I topped it all off with 15 minutes soaking in the hot whirlpool.

Rich Refi sent me an article last night about Gary Patton, who has been the premier senior, middle-distance runner in the U.S. for the past decade. He recently set a new world indoor ÷70 mile record at the 168th Street Armory of 5:29.  I ran against ( behind!)  Gary at the National Senior Games this past summer in the 1500 m. He is a very nice guy. The article talks about Gary’s training regimen. He only runs every third day. In between he does cross-training and weightlifting. Gary believes that the reason he is successful is that he does not get injured. Most senior athletes spend a good deal of time on the sidelines nursing injuries like me. He does not exceed 15 miles per week. I have found myself evolving into a similar pattern. I have found that I need two days to recover from training runs or workouts. Fortunately, I have access to a decent exercise / weight room and an excellent indoor pool at our clubhouse. I plan to more closely emulate the Gary Patton plan as I go forward with my training. I want to be in a position to dominate the +75 age group  as I reach my 75th birthday this coming February. I am motivated, but want to be smart too?

Something to think about for + 70 Runners


New  world record holder, 71 year old Gary Patton

8 DAYS IN December

December 5th, Tuesday

After 1 rest day

Today I swam and ran in the water with a few pickup sets for 50 minutes. It was a good workout.


December 7th Thursday

After 1 rest day

Today I did the work out with the boys from Jackson Liberty track. I ran on the track to miles with a few pickups not much but my body felt pretty good to be out in about 36 degree weather.


December 10th, Sunday

After 2 rest days

Today I worked out for an hour at the clubhouse on the bike the treadmill, a 1-mile in 10 minutes on the treadmill and lifted.


December 12th Tuesday

After one day off with a pretty sore left foot

Warm up in weight room for 20 minutes and 2-mile easy run on boardwalk.

Well, that’s a summary of the last 7 or 8 days, through once again time went by at a blistering pace and I failed to write my blog. I am not happy with the frequency of my workouts or the frequency of my blogging. But tonight Rich Refi reminded me, and I felt compelled to catch up. Thank you, Rich.  My aching left foot is causing me to alter my training. It will have to consist of biking, swimming and elliptical machine for the near future with occasional runs to keep my leg muscles somewhat conditioned.


Stats are stable.






Time on the Fly

Monday, December 4th.  9:00 p.m.

Somehow 6 days have passed since my last post. That is one of the longest periods without posting it since I began this log. As usual I become less inspired to write when I have taken time off. During the past 6 days I have had four off days. That is simply because my body has told me it is too tired to work out. On, Monday, the 27th and Tuesday, the 28th of November I did two consecutive workouts, one on the Boardwalk and one in the pool.  Both were pretty draining. However, I wasn’t prepared for the toll it took on my body for the next three days. I spent a lot of time sleeping and sometimes stretching and heating my sore left foot.  On the 4th day, Ssturday, I felt pretty revitalized and headed out to the cinder track to probably once again push the envelope a little too far. This day I did an 800m warm up very slowly. I then ran 3 miles in 13 minutes, 12 minutes and 11 minutes. On each lap of the half-mile circuit I did two pick-ups each of from 50 to 100 sides. That is the most pick-ups I’ve done since returning to training last month. It felt like a pretty serious effort. On Sunday and today my muscles have been pretty sore and the left foot is acting up again.  I have not experienced any pain while running but that left foot does seem a little weaker or out-of-sync if I concentrate on it. So today I am concentrating onmy rehab circuit of lower leg strengthening, stretching, with core and balance drills.  Also rolling the fascia in the left foot.   During each of my workouts I have very little difficulty on the arobic side. I never feel totally out of breath or sucking wind. I guess I underestimated the amount of conditioning I would lose in my muscles by not running on hard ground for nearly 3 months after my races in Birmingham. The fact is I kept titty busy in the pool and on the bike and doing rehab so I seem to have sustains a good deal of my Aruba conditioning. But my muscles take an extraordinary amount of time to recover from what I believe are simple workouts at 12 minutes per mile never yet to exceed four miles. So tomorrow I will run in the deep water in the pool and if it’s warm enough out I will ride my bike and do some work in the weight room.  My current role is to run a respectable time perhaps below 28 minutes at the 5K Lighthouse run in St Augustine on March 3rd. I suppose at some time along the way in the next 3 months I will have to run a couple of 10 minute miles in order to have a shot at accomplishing that goal. But for right now I’m feeling pretty healthy; my weight is down to 153lb again and I am able to run, ride and swim.  I must keep reminding myself if that’s not a bad way to live + 70.

Stats –

I-Mad = 1😊

I-Mid = 3 🤐

Sleep =lots 🤗

a.m. HR = 54BPM 😊

Weight – #153.    #151 after workout 😆


Boardwalk and pool

November 28, Tuesday



Writing late this Tuesday night, I can report that I have had two pretty good days of work. Yesterday, while I was in Atlantic City, I ran 4 miles on the boardwalk with increasing speed as each mile passed. It was a perfect night for running. There was no wind at all, a total rarity on the Atlantic City boardwalk. It was about 54 degrees as the sun went down. I started southward into the setting sun and finished running north in the darkness. I was a little drained but feeling good about the effort and about my body in general. This morning my legs were pretty sore and my feet we’re  achy, especially my left plantar fascia. Four miles is the longest that I have run so far.  So I’m not surprised that my legs reacted.  After returning to Jackson, I was determined to get some motion done even though my body was feeling a little beat.  I spent 40 minutes in the pool at the clubhouse. I swam for 20 minutes and then ran in the deep water for 20 minutes. I finished feeling better. Fifteen minutes in the hot tub was a bonus for my muscles.   Need to do some serious golf ball rolling tonight to maintain my foot health.

Stats are stable.








Good 60 minutes

November 24th, Friday after Thanksgiving

I am writing this on Saturday morning.

After a Thanksgiving Day of serious eating and drinking it was good to get back to work at the Clubhouse last night . I started out on the bike for 10 minutes and proceeded to the treadmill where I kept raising my expectations as I continued running. My first intent was to run a good mile after a bit of a warm up. Then I decided I would go to 2 miles or 20 minutes whichever came first. Along the way I started doing pickups in the form of dropping the pace from 12 minutes to 10 minutes for 30 seconds every minute and a half. I continued doing that until I got to 30 minutes. I was pleased with my aerobic strength throughout and the fact that I had no leg or foot issues along the way. I did 20 minutes of upper body and core work before heading to the hot whirlpool.  It was a demanding and successful workout.


I-Mad = 0 😊

I-Mid = 1/2

Weight = #157 after workout,  NEED WORK HERE,

a.m.HR= 54BPM

Sleep –  I actually slept for 10 hours after watching a late night movie Friday night.


Saturday-   Today I did my rehab workout at home for about 40 minutes and went on a very nice walk with Arlene for about 25 minutes afterwards. Legs were pretty tired today which was expected after a quicker than recent run on the treadmill last night


November update

November 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is after midnight on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day.  I was very surprised to get a notice from Facebook today that I had not posted in 5 days. I am amazed that so much time has passed and I have not posted. I have been pretty busy. So I checked back on my  desk calendar, where I write a quick note each day as to what my workout has been, or in some cases has not been. This is what I discovered.

On Saturday, November 18th I spent most of the day at Holmdel Park watching the Meet of Champions. It was beautiful day for running and the North girls won the first state championship since 1986. It was very exciting and I was thrilled for that Walsh boys and the North Hunterdon girls. As far as work is concerned I did about 4 hours of walking with intermittent jogging.  I was pretty exhausted when I got home and had another nice afternoon nap on the couch.

On Sunday, November 19th I spent most of the afternoon watching the Giants game, which they amazingly one. During the game I did continuous rehabilitation workout with stabilisation,  core, upper body and leg drills. It was a lot of work and I had a good feeling at the end of the workout.

On Monday, November 20th I went to our clubhouse for a 1-hour continuous work session. In the weight room I rode the bike for 14 minutes, ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and did a series of upper body. arm  leg work on the machines. Then I ran for 20 minutes in the deep end of the pool with five surge series of 70 -50- 25  leg pumps.  Another draining but satisfying workout. 

On Wednesday, November 21st ,which was earlier this evening, I went to the cinder track as the light was fading on this cloudy afternoon and ran three pretty steady miles including seven pickups of from 50 to 75 strides. That is 2 each lap after warm up. It was a chilly evening but good for running. I was happy with the outcome of this work out which took about 37 minutes.

Tuesday evening also included a very nice Awards dinner for the cross country team this season. All the members of this year’s team attended and a very good number of parents attended also. The future of cross country at Jackson Liberty is looking brighter. We have about  16 runners returning from this year’s team losing only four seniors.

Stats –

I-Mad and I-Mid have been very good over this period. I am determined proceed slowly and avoid injury.

Sleep = sporadic sleep sequence, some nights as much as 10 hours other nights only six, not very consistent

a.m.HR = 54 very consistent

Weight =  #154/156. Steady, but too high. I don’t believe I will get back to the lower 150s until I make a dramatic increase in mileage. That I expect to take some time and not hurry. So I expect to be in that middle to upper 150s for a while.

Good meeting! 


Deliberate progress

November 15, 16 & 17

Wednesday – very tired and heavy legs, took off to rest

Thursday – legs still tired ,  did rehab workout

Friday – Today I ran 5 laps (2.5 miles ))on the Cinders in 30 minutes including 7 pickups along the way of between 50 and 75 strides each.  I finished with plenty to spare and stopped only out of caution. I thought I ran faster today than in my previous visits to the cinder  track, but as I look back at my log it seems I’ve been running 5 laps in about 30 minutes for 2 weeks now. I guess I’ll have to be content with believing that I felt better running it today and,  therefore, I am making progress. Once again I did my warm up drills at home before leaving for the track. I’ve come to like that a lot better. Warming up inside in a leisurely fashion in a controlled climate is more relaxing and thorough.

STATS have been basically steady for 3 days.

40 minute steady run

November 14th,  Tuesday

Very easy run today on Jackson roads, no Garmin.

My body felt tired and achy during most of the run, and I felt quite exhausted after the run.  I actually fell on the couch and slept for over an hour when I returned home from the store 45 minutes after the run.  I have not slept on the couch since I don’t know when.


I-Mad and I-Mid =2

a.m.HR =54BPM

Weight = 154.6 #  after run

Sleep = 8 hours

Workout =40 minutes easy

5.59 miles on bikee

November 13th,  Monday

Easy breezy ride.

Liking the Garmin transfers!

5.59 mi





Speed (mph)  



Stats- Stable